Social Media

Social media has changed the name of the game when it comes to business. Not that long ago to give feedback to a company about a service or product a customer had to either call in or send a letter to that company. The comments were not shared like they are today. Today if someone is unhappy with a service or a product they can comment on the company’s website, on their own Twitter or Facebook page and then their point of view becomes public and shard with many people in a very short time. This puts the businesses at a disadvantage because they have to react to what is being said.

Joseph Tornley from the ProPR website defines it as being the ‘online communications in which individuals shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author. To do this, they use social software that enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content and to form communities around shared interests.’  This is not the only definition for the social media. This website enumerates over 50 definitions of social media:

One of the best things being achieved by social media is the establishment of a two-way communication flow between different businesses and their customers. It also rose the level of accountability the businesses have towards their customers.

Here is a video made to explain in very easy terms how social media works, I thought it was really interesting:


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